Tips for Wedding Hair in Humid Weather

Whether you are having a summer wedding, destination wedding or wedding on a yacht your special day could also be a humid day. This can be a little challenge , but with a few rules your hair can still come out perfect and flawless!!

1. Product!!! The products you decide to use can be a deal breaker with this type of climate. You should prep your hair with anti humidity/frizz control creme or foam, oil all while your hair is damp. Next before curling with flat iron or curling iron spray each section with a thermal spray with a light hold (Kenra Thermal Styling Spray). When styling hair ethnic or textured use a curl wax to help control frizz, style as desired. When complete finish with Oribe Impermeable Anti Humidity Spray and a flexible hold hairspray.

2. Hair Style!! It is important to choose a style that will hold up for your entire day. A 1/2up, 1/2down style , braid or an updo are the best options for this type of weather lasting your from the ceremony to reception.

3. Touch ups!! Make sure in between each phase of our wedding your best girl has a touch up kit: travel size hair spray, bobby pins, and comb. Don't overdo with the hair spray just a little touching to secure your look.